Role of a Manager

Role of a Manager within the Functional Areas of Business
Management 521
July 1, 2012

The Role of a Manager within the Functional Areas of Business
The analytical approach to tackle the role of a manager within the functional areas of business can be discussed in a variety of different scenarios in diverse organizations. I believe it’s important to concentrate in one area and try to describe what is expected of a manager within the framework of functions of business.   The emphasis will be placed on how managers implement the organizational goals in order to overcome the obstacles he or she may come across in the process. Also, what is the role of a manager in a specific department? And, finally how does a manager implement strategies to succeed with the approaches that he or she may pursue. This essay will focus on customer service, and human resource manager roles and how they contribute to the functional areas of business. The main reason behind the discussion on functional areas of business is to understand what measures managers are expected take and follow, in order, to make sure that all important business activities are carried out efficiently. This is important because all organizations work towards achieving its objectives.
Let’s first discuss the role of a customer service manager. He or she organizes a task
for customer service department, to initiate a plan of action for improving their service and focus
on obtaining outstanding results. The plan might first begin with a mission to provide the best
and efficient quality customer service and support for their customers. Then, determine which
areas needs improvement to increase productivity and lower inefficiency. For instance, finding
innovative ideas for improvement (Gilbert, 1996). Innovation will enable the organization to
become successful and accomplish the tasks by trying to see what the other competitors are
offering verses their current status. “Managers need to be concerned...