Functional Areas of Business

Functional Areas of Business
Tasha G. Duckett
January 19, 2015
W. Pearl Maxwell

Functional Areas of Business
      Before you can analyze the role of a manager in the functional areas of business, you first need to define what a Manager truly is. According to the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (2012) a manager is defined as one that manages. A person who conducts business or household affairs, a person whose work or profession is management, a person who directs a team or athlete, finally a student who in scholastic or collegiate sports supervises equipment and records under the direction of a coach.
      Now that we have defined a manager let me discuss their roles in the area of business.   I believe that the role of a manager is someone that coordinates and oversees all the work activities of the employees of a company and makes sure the work, which is being produced, is done efficiently and effectively.   With companies trying to meet the needs of clients and stakeholders, there is usually one bottom line.   Get out a quality product out as quick as possible using the least amount of time and money.
      The functional are of business that this falls under in Operations Management.   This area of management, in my opinion, is one of the most difficult.   Not only are you responsible for the production of a product.   You are the individual in charge of seeing that leaves the manufacture on time and under budget.   In an article published by Emerald Group Publishing, Limited (2014) it states “A manager’s lot is a tough one at the best of times.   There is constant pressure to meet business and client needs, often against a backdrop of steadily dwindling resources.   Economic uncertainty has ensured that this balancing act has become even more precarious in recent years.   Delivering more for much less is very much the order of the day.”
      In these crazy economic times, it has become difficult for a manager to meet the need of the clients...