The Physical Profile Comparison

PDHPE Assignment
The physical profile was designed to demonstrate the skill components that an individual possesses. This assignment required us to do the skill tests provided and compare ourselves with an elite athlete from our chosen sport. My choice was Ice Hockey simply because I love the sport. The only flaw was the physical testing that we did differed from the ones that the ice hockey players were subjected to. Another issue I had with this assignment was the difficulty to find the results of a player in these specific tests. So unfortunately I had to do the results of multiple athletes in the sport which leads to false data because I’m comparing myself to the best of multiple people. Another issue is that I do not compete in the sport field I have chosen.

Cardiovascular endurance
The beep test is done to see how good your cardiovascular endurance is. Cardiovascular endurance is how well your heart pumps blood from the lungs too your muscles. In sport terms this is your stamina how long you can play without getting tired or fatigued. My beep test score was an estimation on what I believe I would have gotten at a score of 11.2 this suggests that I would be in the top 25% of things. In comparison the elite athlete still not good enough because endurance is very key in most if not all sporting events. This data defiantly is not reliable because I didn’t take the beep test and I am comparing with one of the better scores of a professional ice hockey player. The way you would be able to improve the testing to make the tests valid would be to be in the same location and take the test at the same time. The way you would be able to improve yourself would be too practice more and go running for longer distances gradually increasing in speed and distance. For example go on long jogs in the park to increase you hearts ability to pump oxygen
Muscular Strength
The hand dynamometer is done to see how good your Muscular Strength is. Muscular Strength is how much...