The Person Who Annoys Me the Most

It is a true blessing to have good friends in our lives. Life is hard when someone does not have any good friends. But it even gets harder when someone has the worst one. I have an irritating friend Imrul that I have known for over a year. I find him really annoying because he is over-sensitive, sarcastic and borrows money from me and never pays back.

The first reason for which I feel Imrul is annoying because he is very sensitive. Sometimes he makes a big deal out of something very common and small. For an example a few days back he asked me to hang out with him after lunch but I had to say no because I was supposed to submit some assignments the next day. But he got all sensitive about the whole thing. He started saying that what a bad friend I was for not spending time with him that day. I tried to convince him but he was not ready to hear a word from me. That was not the first time he did something like this. He always gets sensitive whenever anyone says no to him. That is why he seems annoying to me.

Another reason that makes him an annoying friend is that he is always very sarcastic. He constantly tells lies and makes up stuff. He has to argue about everything, and will continue to argue even after he has been proven wrong. For example, I drive an economical car which is an X-Corolla and on the other hand he drives a BMW. He always tries to argue with me by saying repeatedly how old fashioned car I drive compared to his and throws sarcastic jokes on me in front of other people. Imrul’s point is that since I am young I should drive a Sports Car rather than an economical car. I believe that if he was such a good friend then he would not have made comparisons between us and made me feel inferior. For this kind of behavior I find him very annoying.

The most maddening things about Imrul are that he keeps borrowing money and never attempts to pay me back. He does not realize that I do not own a money tree. I do not mind helping him out but it bothers me...