What I Find Most Annoying About Cellphones

What I Find Most Annoying About Cell Phones

Cell phones can cause many distractions. They distract people from their work, they are a danger when used on the road, and they can be quite annoying when someone is having a conversation with another person, and their cell phone constantly goes off. This situation can be very aggravating to the other person talking with someone that is constantly texting while trying to have a conversation with someone. I know firsthand of this, because it has happened to me a few times.
It was my junior homecoming and I was so excited to go because I found out that one of my friends from out of town, which I had not seen in a while, was going to be attending. The minute I walked through the doors of Eunice High I immediately searched through the crowd for my friend. I finally found him sitting down on the bleachers staring at his phone. I ran up to him, gave him a hug, and asked him how he had been. The conversation continued and then his phone started ringing a familiar “Lil’ Wayne” song that I knew. He quickly replied to the text message he had received and continued the conversation we were having, until his phone rang again, and again, and again. This got very aggravating and I quickly ended the conversation, in a bad mood, and went to meet my friends and dance. We later met up again at the dance and started talking, but the texting continued; so yet again, I told him i had to go back to meet my friends and left him sitting on the bleachers, texting. I was so disappointed the rest of the night because instead of talking with my friend I just sat there and watched him texted the entire time.
This is a prime example of how cell phones can be a big annoyance. Sitting there and watching my friend text instead of talking to me proved to me how someone so nice can look very rude to someone else. Their phone is constantly ringing and they are always replying to the messages instead of taking the time to talk to the person with...