The Perfec Position

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The Perfect Position

LDR- 531
February 4, 2010

In the upcoming years Aldine Independent School District is planning on expanding, opening up a new high school, a middle school, and an intermediate school. In effect, a multitude of new positions and vacancies must be filled. Employees must be hired and transferred to meet the requirements of the new schools.
Job placement will play an immense role in the selection process for A.I.S.D. District personnel as well as applicants will have to select the positions they see fit for one another. While jobs must search for and hire the best employees that fit their needs, applicants must find positions that fit their personalities, attributes, and best talents they possess. Often time’s applicants and employees are in positions they may not be completely content with. In other situations they may just have another position they would rather be in or see better fit for them. Many time employees are never granted the opportunity to work in what they would believe is their “perfect dream position.”
This was not the case for Marcus Sheets. Marcus Sheets has been an employee in A.I.S.D. for three years and has taught at three different levels, intermediate, middle, and high. He has also contributed in some coaching areas as well. Mr. Sheets has always had the thoughts of doing something more than teaching and coaching but has never been faced with the opportunity to do otherwise. But when the new schools came about and the new positions were being filled, all of this changed.
After many of the changes had taken place, Marcus Sheets had been presented with the opportunity to transfer into any position of his choice. He chose to become the athletic director of the district. Mr. Sheets was ecstatic about his new position. This had always been his dream position and he felt that the position’s duties and role went harmoniously with his personality and best attributes.