Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Teamwork can produce extraordinary results; however, if not managed properly teamwork can turn into a nightmare. Effective teamwork doesn’t happen overnight, is the result of different factors carefully put together, working flawlessly accomplishing superior results. Effective teamwork is about good leadership, effective communication, defining roles, creating rules, and procedures to resolve conflict.
Effective leadership is a key aspect of a successful team; the team leader is responsible for creating a positive work environment. Therefore, it is essential that the team leader sets a good example, if imitated by the team members; can promote motivation, and contribute to a positive approach to work while increasing levels of engagement.
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
(Henry Ford).
Diversity in the workplace is more visible every day, people with different backgrounds, education, ages, believes, etc makes each unique with a particular way of performing a task or resolving a problem. Because each member of the team has different values, personalities, attitudes and emotions; what motivates each may not be the same. Knowing what motivates people helps to increase levels of productivity and satisfaction in the workplace; decreasing turnover which represents a huge loss for most organizations every year.

Organizations have researched motivation to find out why employees have no enthusiasm for their work; according to a recent Gallup Poll, says that in the United States, about 55 % of the workforce is not motivated.  
There are several definitions for motivation; some call it trait, energy, or a factor. Motivation is what pushes someone to do whatever it takes to acquire something (
Motivation is the element that stimulates the desire in people to be interested and engaged to a role or job; is what moves people to perform continues effort towards achieving a particular goal....