The Old Women

The Old Woman
“The Old Woman” is about a woman called Molly who has left England and has immigrated to Canada to live with her husband. They had known each other for few months when they married in England. Soon after marriage her husband has left her to come to Canada. For her, it has been three years of waiting and loneliness while her husband has been busy with his beloved power-house.

A house close to a noisy waterfall, several miles away from the nearest town, taciturn people with French-Canadian culture are numerous problems that she has to deal with. The author, Joyce Marshall, has pointed loneliness as one of the most important issues that can hurt an immigrant in a new country.

The story starts in the station at Montreal. Molly has found that her husband is changed. “It was more than the absence of uniform. His face seemed so still, and there was something about his mouth—a sort of slackness. And at times she would turn and find him looking at her, his eyes absorbed and watchful” (Marshall 34). The word “still”, “slackness” and “watchful” shows that he is not interested to see his wife. Molly feels that her husband doesn’t have enough attention to her. Despite the sad condition, she tries to tell herself that her husband would be closer to her when they get home. It’s a romantic morning when they leave the train. “It was grey dawn faintly disturbed with pink when they left the train” (Marshall 34). After a long journey over the snow they arrive home. Molly is tired and she needs a quiet and friendly environment but the sound of the waterfall is annoying her.

This inconvenience situation and lack of attention from her husband is increasing her fear of loneliness. It reminds her last three years, three years of waiting and loneliness. She has left England to escape the loneliness. She deserves it. She doesn’t have family or relative and she is far from her friends, this fact is increasing her dependency on her husband. He doesn’t help her to...