Canadian Women and the War Effort

Women and the War Effort

Dillon Blackstock
2009 08 23
Mr. Milne
Military History

Women: Canada’s Back Bone during the War

Though women were often overlooked during World War 1, they played a very large role in helping Canada, as well as the Allies, defeat the Central Power and claim victory. The women of Canada worked in factories, took care of their families and worked as Nurses right on the front lines in Europe. All in all the Great War would have gone much differently if Women hadn’t done their part to contribute.

Propaganda…the War Begins

Since a lot of the women of Canada stayed at home to work in factories and take care of their families, the Government took this to their advantage through propaganda. Many posters were put up attempting to get women to have their husbands or sons or men they knew enlisted for the war. The Government made the war seem like it would bring men honour, respect and self-gratification. The Government however, failed to mention the harsh living conditions of the trenches and the many physical and mental hardships that came with going to war. So wives thought it would be luxurious to have a husband who fought and gained honour in the Great War.

On the Home Front

Women worked hard on the home front. They worked in places such as farms, factories as well as at their homes caring for their children and themselves.   Young women became independent when their husbands went off to war. Farmers found that women were far superior to the average male farmer. However a dispute sparked between older more mature women and the young women of the time. Old women found themselves doing work at home, taking care of their children while also fulfilling their patriotic duty. At the same time, the young unwedded women found themselves with large sums of money without any responsibilities. A lot of women found factory/munitions work much more rewarding than the domestic work.

Separation Allowance