The Need for Solar Panels

Why We Should Opt for Solar Panels in Our Kitchen
In every place I go, I see FIREWOOD and more FIREWOOD! CHARCOAL and more CHARCOAL! We use trees in hotels, in industries, in schools, in our churches and especially in almost every homestead. I see people burn trees everywhere, keeping myself wondering why so. Should I assume that we do not know the dangers? Or is it that we do not have alternative. It is important that we evaluate the injustices ad harm we are doing to the environment. Every person in our forests gets sad every time we cut down one tree. I believe that changing our ways to use more sustainable methods is better as the saying goes, “Make the Hay while the Sun Shines.” Solar panels utilize the free sun we have been given by God.
My major concern is pollution we cause on the environment. It is quite unfortunate that the rich developed countries utilize more natural resources including forests. Most developing countries are the ones most affected by the effects of pollution caused by deforestation as well as charcoal burning. Many East African countries including Kenya and Tanzania have suffered from flooding and drought due to climate change. Flooding has caused a lot of lives as well as destruction of property. There has also been increased poverty due to the effects of deforestation such as erosion of agricultural land.
It is important that people know the benefits of solar panels. The main benefit is the economic advantage that the device is accompanied with. One only invest in purchasing the equipment (solar panel) after which the sun used is for free. This is cheaper compared to purchasing of the charcoal and firewood that people use in everyday activity. Solar panels are also environmental friendly; there are no gases emitted in the process of utilizing it. If people adopt the use of solar panels, fewer trees will be cut and many people will shift from charcoal burning. The benefit of this is the increased carbon sequestration as well as...