Solar Power

Background Information
Wind power and solar power are kinds of renewable energy. Wind farms were invented in New York in 1882 and it is connects with alternative current (AC) to convert to direct current (DC). According to Liu, Wang and Loh (2010, p. 746), wind turbines convert from AC to DC. It is around 20 meters high because there is a strong wind at the top which cause the rotors blade to move. Wind power are used in Countries; such as,     the United States, Germany and China. Solar power plants were invented in 1980. There are two types of solar power which are mirrors and lenses. They are also used to connect AC/DC. Countries which use solar power are Germany, Italy and Belgium.      

In this essay, the following definitions will be used.
      Renewable energy. According to Twidell (1993, p. 418), this means “energy obtained from the continuous and repetitive currents of energy occurring in the environment”.    
      Wind power. When there are steam or water cause rotors blade moves to make electricity (Hord &Learning, 2013, p. 17).  
      Solar power cells. According to Quraeshi (1986, p. 51), “a solar cell converts solar radiation into electrical energy”.
Outline of Essay
This essay will discuss the relative merits and disadvantages of wind power and solar power as sources of energy in terms of the environment and the economy.

Wind Power and Solar Power
Wind Power and Solar Power in the Environment
Factories produce a lot of carbon dioxide in the air which cause air pollution. For example, more than 88 million American people were unsafe in 1970 due to air pollution, because of the contamination in the environment the majority of People suffer from some sort of difficulties in their life. According to Ray (2006, p. 4), some people will probably suffer from lung cancers. There are advantages and disadvantages of using wind power farms and solar power plants in the environment.

      The advantage...