The National Government

A Report outlining the wider context in which school Operate

The Department for Education is responsible for education and children’s services (D.F.E)

It is directly responsible for state schools in England. And it’s under the local government which is

Under the national government.

The national government assisted by the (DFE) sets the national curriculum, confirm what the children

Are Tested on, they usually set up the Early Year Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S) they setup the (E.C.M) every

Child matters, they usually setup the administration, check how children with special needs are taught,

They overall deal with reforms in schools and check on how voluntary is done in schools.

The local government (LEA) then put into action and brings the overall procedure into service, they

Do the training, they usually enforce the national curriculum and challenge schools to rise

Standards of achievement. They are responsible for childcare and after school clubs, also they are

responsible in development school policies and look into how schools in each and every areas are


Schools work together with (LEA) makes sure that there is an integration approach by a range of services to

meet the needs of children and young people and promoted the development of multi-agency working in

and around schools. They usually integrates services to work with schools and also do the extension of

children centers.

The safety and welfare of children and young people is the responsibility of the local authority, therefore

Schools work in partnership with other public organisations, Integrating the delivery of these services at

the frontline helps to maximise their effectiveness. An integrated and preferably co-located workforce that

includes active partners from Other organisation such as the police, health visiting, N.S.P.C.A,

Occupational therapists, physiotherapists, fire brigades, and other voluntary organisations services...