6.1 Identify the Roles and Responsibilities of National and Local Government for Education Policy and Practice

The local government gives advice and support to local schools. They also oversee any staff training and development. The local government work alongside the schools SENCO to help with any changes to special educational needs. School management issues and the development of school policies are also supported by the local government. These issues are normally dealt with on governor meetings, held at the school. They pass on any changes within the education policy and offer any training to key members of staff. The local government is responsible for staff DBS checks, to ensure the safety for the children.
The national government is responsible for developing news ways to improve the quality of services within education. They are also responsible for the education policy, and their role as national government to emend and changes and development within this policy. School league tables are another important role for the national government. These are followed by all school across the UK. Any projects within education that need funding or further research are a responsibly for the national government. The national curriculum is followed by all schools across the UK and it is the national governments responsible to monitor and update this. To make sure all schools across the UK are following the correct policies, national curriculum, laws, etc., the national government monitor them by sending OFSET inspectors into schools.
The social services work with schools to arrange meetings to offer support to families. If social services are involved with a family there is always regual communication. The social services also work with the local police if nessarasy