The Leap

“The Leap” written by Louise Erdrich is an impressive short story. We can see many adventurous leaps of a woman named Anna Avalon in this story. Also, we are attracted by wonderful and excellent leaps of Anna through narration of her daughter.   The first leap is to save her-self in the circus accident. The second leap is to take the opportunity of loving again. The third leap is to rescue her daughter from the fire. With all these leaps, Anna Avalon shows she is an admirable and respectable woman because of her courage, nimbleness, and self-sacrifice.
Let’s begin our discussion by looking at how Anna shows her courage though the various events. First of all, she has bravery to perform as a blindfold trapeze act in front of a crowd in the Flying Avalons. This is a very dangerous job and easy to fall from impossible height: “It seems incredible that she works high above the ground when any fall could be so dangerous” (Louise Erdrich, page 191). If Anna has not a passion for her career and bravery, she cannot work as a circus trapeze artist. In addition, Anna indicates her courage when she can overcomes the loss of her first husband and her baby by learning to read and write (“The Leap”, Louise Erdrich). Furthermore, Anna reveals her great intrepidity when she makes a leap into her burning house to save her daughter from the fire. Briefly, Anna’s actions when facing danger throughout the story proves that she is a valiant woman.
Now let’s turn our attention to the actions that display Anna’s nimbleness. Firstly, she has able to adjust her blindness at old age without any discomfort. For example, “she has never brushed a magazine onto the floor” or “bumped into a closet door left carelessly open” (Louise Erdrich, page 190). Moreover, she moves exactly like a cat because she has experience from her early career (“The Leap”, Louise Erdrich). Next, we discover Anna’s agility through her ability to think quickly how to save herself when the trapeze act fails: “when her...