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Rachel Kurz
Peggy L. Richards, Lecturer
November 9, 2009
Final Draft
Communication is Key
For the past ten weeks, I have written a short essay in response to a quote I read. I realized that most of my responses had to do with writing, reading, and expressing feelings. A lot of communication has to do with reading what other people have written and then expressing their opinions on what they read. I have always believed that the pen is a wonderful gift to man. It allows us to write down feelings, thoughts, dates to remember, and assignments for school. Journalists write down stories they think are important to share with everyone as well. When people have difficult times expressing themselves, some resort to writing. Writing is something many people around the world have in common, and allows people around the world to understand one another. It allows authors, and just normal people, to write down all the thoughts in their heads and share them with whoever they want.
Poetry is a means of communication because people write down what they are thinking or feeling. Although I am not a brilliant writer or poet, poetry allowed me to express myself when others had a difficult time understanding me. I carried around a doll named Raggedy-Ann after my mother passed away. Kids would always ask me why I carried the doll everywhere I went, and I just didn't have an answer that I thought they would understand. When my teacher asked me if I wanted to participate in the mother's day tea party, I was hesitant at first because all the kids had to write a poem about their mothers. So instead of writing about my mother, I wrote about Raggedy-Ann. The day of
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the mother's day tea party, I brought Raggedy-Ann up to the front of the class with me and read my poem. I looked up from the paper to realize that everyone there was staring, but I knew it was a stare of
realization.   It was a relief that everyone...