What You Grow Is What You Leap

Topic: What you grow, you reap the same.

Oh my God! I failed the exam. What happen? Did my parents give full support for my study? Did the teacher do their best in teaching me? What about me? Have I been honest with myself throughout the year? Overall I failed.
With due respect to the teacher, and also my fellow classmates. The pleasure and privilege is all mine to share with you my ideas on the concept that says “ What you sow is what you reap” According to the Oxford Dictionary, grow is to develop or to get something bigger and reap is the receiving a reward or benefit as a result of our actions. Nowadays, people are confused with why things happen but I tell you it depends on us. Things happen because of carelessness so we deserved those problems.
We are living in the world of development and development goes together with time. There is a time for everything. There is a time we feel bad because of a problem we experienced and there is a time we feel happy because of a good result we get. There is a time for our parents to be proud of us and there is a time they ashamed to face the world, all because of us students.
Moreover, there are three sectors in which to cooperate with each other to push forward us students to gain better result. That is your parents, teachers and us, students. If the teachers are the only one pushing us students toward excellence but not your parents then do not expect good fruits from us students. If the parents are pushing and encouraging us students but you teachers are not doing things to the best of your abilities, then we students will not reap any good results. If our parents and teachers co-operate in pushing us but us students are not doing any home works then do not expect to pass in the exam.
Students, if you grow to run away from school, disobey your parents, not doing any works given by teachers, late to school everyday, do not complete Internal Assessment, sleep during class then do not expect to pass. You have to...