The Effects of Punishment and Sentencing

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          The Effects of Punishment and Sentencing          
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                                                              Date: 05/29/11


Sentencing is an important aspect in the criminal justice process. It is the   punishment that defendants receive when they are convicted of a crime. The punishment spectrum is wide and vast, ranging from probation to death.   Criminal justice in America is an essential part that is needed to uphold the laws
of the United States. Within the American criminal justice system there are many parts in which are dedicated to process all crimes. Sentencing for crimes committed of those who have been found guilty in a court of law is an integral part of the system.

The fundamental philosophies surrounding the purpose of sentencing are   diverse. Some people believe that the purpose of sentencing the guilty will prove   justice to society. Others believe in that famous quote "you do the crime, you do   the time."   There are four different reasons that society believes in when sentencing the guilty. The four sentencing reasons are retribution, deterrence, incapacitation and rehabilitation.   Retribution in my own words is getting even with the perpetrator in a real way of speaking. Retribution assumes that the offenders willfully chose to commit similar acts again and should receive the punishment they deserve. Another reason involves the belief of deterrence. Society believes that by creating sentencing standards for different crimes will prevent others from committing crimes more than once. Additionally, society believes that the incapacitations of those found guilty of certain crimes are to be sent off and isolated from society for the hope of reforming the person. Altogether, society believes in the fourth reason which is rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a form of starting off new...