Apples or Oranges

All courses are 3 credits

SOC 4005 Research Methods and Analysis
The functions of concepts, hypotheses, and theories for an empirical discipline; the operationalization of theoretical variables; the principles of research design; and the problems of inference. The association between criminological theories and research methods used to study crime is explored through the utilization of a variety of related data sources. Also covered are basic quantitative techniques, relevant statistics, data interpretation, and an overview of SPSS. Required of all students unless SOC 4075 is taken.

SOC 4015 Criminological Theory
A systemic and critical analysis of the major theories of criminality, including an examination of both traditional and contemporary theories. Consideration will be given to conceptualizations of crime, the relationship of criminological theories to crime on the streets, and specific aspects of criminal behavior. Required of all students.

SOC 4045 Crime, Police, and Punishment
A comparative study of crime, police, and punishment as seen in their historical settings. Topics include the development and reform of criminal law and procedure, urbanization and crime, crime trends, public order, the evolution of modern police forces and prisons, crime detection, and emerging trends in these areas.

SOC 4055 The Criminal Justice System
Provides a foundation and overview of the criminal justice system and process. The major components are discussed including crime, law, criminology, law enforcement, adjudication by the courts, corrections, juvenile justice, current issues and policies. This course is designed for students with only limited prior study in American criminal justice and little or no professional Criminal Justice experience in the United States. Permission of the Program Director required.

SOC 4065 Law and Social Policy
An exploration of various dimensions of the relationship between law and social policy in contemporary American...