The Draft

Rider 1
Composition 11
Pd. 5
March 26, 2010
The Draft
One thing that used to scare young adults the most was the chance of being drafted. Now that generation of scared young adults has moved to the seats of power, doing all they can to restrict the draft so that their children would not have the same fears and problems. They use arguments of how a volunteer military is more productive than a drafted one, how consciences objectors and others would be exempt from the draft making it not fair for those who aren’t, and the effects on the choices government officials make when going to war, since they now worry about friends who are drafted. This could all be avoided in a well rounded version of the draft, as long as certain rules are followed.
A well rounded version of the draft would be different from today in a few ways. First of all, it would be a continuous draft for any one between 18 and 22. Everyone will have a choice of military services or to join a civil works group or government project. This allows everyone to help better this country in some way or another. It will also put more trained citizens back into the country after military services, giving a pool to draw on when there is a crisis that needs more soldiers. In the end, the Draft needs to become a thing for the good of the country, not something that people will have to worry about for themselves and their children.
Rider 2
In 1940 the Selective Service Act was instated, the “Drawing of Numbers” (Critical Choices). This brought forth a large military force, in preparation to fight the Axis powers. This was the first peace time draft ever instated. There was some dislike of the draft, but the people found this to be a necessary way to fight the evil of the Axis. At the time it was also seen as an honor to fight for your country, sacrificing the one for the many. As WWII ends and the United States becomes a global power, we are forced to take part in the Korean War....