Shitty First Drafts

Writing Process
Lamott's troubles happen to everyone I have ever seen write. No matter if it is a short essay or fully fledged paper. No one person can sit down and just fully write out something without going through the phase of "What the hell am I going to say?" It just is not possible. When Lamott says, "Very few writers really know what they are doing until they've done it", she hits the nail right on the head. Everyone writes shitty first drafts on anything they write, it is a simple fact of a writer's world.
When I write I don’t go into elaborate detail on my first try. I sit down and just wing it. I will write down what comes to mind and when I am done if it looks good to me I will be done with it. There is no need in my eyes to   rewrite something if it looks good. But, that’s not how it always go. If I get stuck I will sit back in my computer chair maybe play a little bit of a game or look off into space. I then come back to my writing and off the train of thought that got me stuck in the first place and try to get some more down before I get stuck.
If my paper doesn’t look good or is out of order or something is wrong I will look at it and copy paste things into order. Most of the time I have to rearrange things so they fit because I just type what comes to mind.   After that is done I go through and check to make sure I have everything I know about that subject in there. Sometimes I write a lot more then needs be said but it makes my paper bigger. I also check spelling and see if stuff makes sense to other people. Usually my mom reads my papers and sees if they make sense, if not she is not afraid to tell me. After I check it I just send it off or print it depending on assignment.