The Differences Between Men and Women

Similarities and differences between men and women are critical condition. Obviously, men and women are seemingly alike. And the similarities between them make people don’t distinguish carefully between their features. However, they are different in certain aspects such as physical structure, emotion, and interest.

    Obviously, men are different in their physical structures, emotion, and interest from women. According to the body structure and ability, we can notice certain differences in some of men organs. For instance, the structure of the chest in men is quite flat. Men’s hands are quite thick. And their's pelvises are not wide. Also, one of the most physical differences between men and women is the skin. A man's skin is quit rough. In addition, emotion can be distinguished between men and women. It is an important factor in men's and women's lives. However, it is less important in men's lives than in women's. For example, men would not take care of their children more then women do. They usually don’t cry easily and they more often judge by using their mind and the intellectual sense.   Furthermore, men are different from women in interest. For example, men like having sport cars. They like hard sport based on their abilities, and they do take care of their jobs and try to collect money as could as they can. As a result, it is clear to notice that men have physical structures, emotion, and interest differ from women’s.

    In contrast, physical structures, emotion, and interest are different in women from their in men. The body structure and ability are different in women. For example, women’s chests are raised. Their’s hands are thin. Also, it is clear to notice how women's pelvises are wide. And a women's skin is pretty soft and smooth. In addition, emotion is more important in women's lives than in men's. Because women have been created to be the factor of sensibility, they are more emotional than men in some ways. For example, women would take...