Difference and Diversity

I n this essay I intend to look at what I need to be able to offer of myself to my client so that they feel that I accept and understand their similarities, differences and other diversity areas and am therefore able to work with me in a therapeutic relationship
                              I am going to start this piece of work by looking at my college environment, in my own group there are nine individuals and we are all different in so many ways, a noticeable difference within the group now is the fact that I am the only male.
This does not bother me at all, I don’t feel as if it will be a barrier to anything on the course being discussed or mentioned, it is not the first time I have been in this position, I have always been treated as an equal and have joined in all activities either academic or social. I have always looked at females as equals in every respect and enjoy their company.
For me it is treated as a professional relationship, something which I enjoy but there are boundaries in place.
“The social and economic relationship between men and women has varied considerably over time, and between societies and cultures. The overwhelming evidence, however, would seem to point to the fact that in most societies, in most places, women have been subordinated to men to a greater or lesser extent” {Marshall 2004 pg71}
When I   looked at gender at college I thought nearly all the words and phrases we came up with could have fitted all the scenarios we covered, it was interesting to see how people have pre-conceived ideas about the way people dress and the position they hold, for me this is where labelling and judgements become dangerous.
The one which jumps out at me is the counsellor being thought of as gay due to the job he is doing, is this how I will be perceived in the future?
It is not something which unduly worries me, but how will it affect our first meeting as client and counsellor? Will the client be guarded in what they are saying? Thinking...