Women vs Men

Are girls and guys so different? Actually, the origin of the differences between men and women are more cultural stereotypes than authentic differences, which cause certain changes in people’s point of view. Unfortunately, we live in a world influenced by these ideas, coming from advertising as well as our families, because it’s part of Mexican culture.

Talking about cultural stereotypes, the most important and impressive is “the male chauvinism”, a terrible ideology, which is set out from the family unit. Talking about this stereotype, Mariana Rosales, an 18 years old girl, said, “as the daughter I have to do the laundry, the dishes, and the housework while my older brother doesn’t have to do anything, because that is a duty only for the female gender”, fortunately, these things are changing. Moreover, if we contrast real life with TV (in this case advertisements), you will never ever see a gentleman as a housekeeper, cleaning a bathroom, people will make fun of him; it’s not very common to watch a man doing household chores. However, they are not completely guilty because that is the way their mothers brought them up.
As consequences of this behavior, girls are only considered to be good at home stuff, without opportunities of succeeding in a labor work and academic field, getting a degree or a good job position. This makes that some males feel that they are better or higher than females. For example, if you see a car’s advertisement, you will always see a man driving the automobile, no woman at all. Unless she appears as a sex symbol and, that is a real shame.  

A second stereotype, the thought that women only think about shopping, credit cards, new pairs of shoes, makeup and spend all the husband’s pay on it, while men think only about business and how to afford their wives’ luxuries. This is not all the times true, because women can be as independent and hard-working as men can. So, in other words, this concept has been misunderstood by male gender,...