Men and Women

One thing you must know is that physical contact between the two of you is crucial. Touch her all the time and make it seem natural and she won't think anything of it. But she will begin to like it and get closer to you because your touch activates her female hormones. So touch is one of the most powerful tools
Ok, this move is awesome -- I use it all the time. Whenever the two of you are sitting down anywhere, just take your hand and put it on her leg or knee.

This is where it all starts to happen. Now what you want to do is make a face and expression like "oh man, I hope she doesn't notice" like you're acting goofy on purpose, because you are. But the key is not to look at her during this whole process.

Now what she's going to do is look at you. Trust me, she'll look. And that is when you want to keep your head straight forward and just move your eyes to look at her. When she sees you doing that, then turn your head toward her and when you make eye contact act surprised like you've been caught, because in reality you have.

Now you want to say something like "Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I'm such an idiot" in a playful 'you caught me' tone. Then remove your hand and grab hers and put it in the same spot but on your leg, and just say "There we go... I apologize" and just look straight forward again like nothing ever happened.

Trust me you'll get a reaction. She might push your arm or hit your arm and laugh or even squeeze your leg when you put her hand there -- that means you're doing good buddy. She's liking the teasing and playing.

You can end it there or add to when you put her hand on your leg. After looking forward, then look down at her hand and act shocked, in that playful tone again. "What is this? What are you trying to do?" or just do your own variation.

The Results...

What this does is it lets you get to touch her in a couple of different places on her body without her being uncomfortable because of the joking atmosphere, while at the...