The Castle

The Castle essay

The Castle contains good and clever sense of humour accompanied with some significant and vital messages addressed to its audience.   Some really obvious messages considered in the movie are family values and justice.

In the movie, the Castle, there is a tone of sarcasm present which gives the appreciation of humour. One of the most distinguishable ironies in the film is when Dale visits his brother Wayne in the prison and says that they “could just chat for hours” and they barely even chat. They talked about the members of their family and after they were very quite.
At the court, when Dennis was presenting Darryl’s case and he didn’t know what to say about his case, he said that it was “the vibe of the thing” about the constitution law. That was another sign of humour in the movie because Dennis didn’t even know what does the word “vibe” mean.
Even in the time of trouble, after they lost their case, they were still playing on words. One very good example of that is when Farouk said “he say plane fly overhead, drop value. I don’t care. In Beirut, plane fly over drop bomb. I like these plans”.

Through out the movie, it shows the importance of family and how strong the Kerrigan family stood together.
The Kerrigan family showed a very good example of how a family can remain in force together in order to overcome all their troubles. Darryl saying that “it is not a house it’s a home”. By that quote he meant that it is not only about the bricks that the house is made from, it is about the people in the house that form a perfect home. One good example for their relationship in the family is at father’s day, “even though none of ” them “have a lot of money but ” they still give each other’s presents. They all gave a present to Darryl and he really liked all of them.