The Glass Castle

Jeannette Walls the author of New York Times bestseller The Glass Castle has great media reports. Jeannette   was born is Phoenix, Arizona, her family and herself have lived in several southwestern towns before settling down in Welch, West Virginia at the age of ten. She graduated from Columbia University’s Barnard College with honors. She’s also the author of the novel Broken Horses. Walls writing styles are biographies and memoirs. I recommend the book to anyone who thinks their life isn’t the best once you read this book you’ll have a new perspective. The title The Glass Castle signifies the home Rex Walls promises Jeannette and her family he would built.
(Mountain Goat) also known as Jeannette Walls by her father Rex Walls is the main character of The Glass Castle. The challenges her family encounters are told in her perspective. Throughout the book Jeannette along with her siblings Lori, Brian, and Maureen stand together and face many struggles. The novel begins when Jeannette is three years old and burns half of her body trying to heat hot dogs. She’s taken to the hospitable by her mother   Rosemary Walls and neighbor. She   ends up staying there for six weeks because her father decided they were going to check out the Rex Wall style. Throughout the book Jeannette and her family face difficulties that affect her life.
Jeannette’s father wasn’t the best. He stole money from her and let a guy at bar molest her to pay back the money he owed her. She felt betrayed but she still loved him. Jeannette had faith in him and she would always stand up for him in any situation. A passage I thought was significant was when he asked her what she wanted for her birthday but she was to scared to tell him. He said “You know if its humanly possible I’ll get it for you and if it aint humanly possible I’ll die trying.” She asked him to stop drinking. He tried but failed he ended up drinking again.   I think this passage shows how even though Rex wasn’t a great father he still...