The Castle

The Castle
The Kerrigan Family Home is full of love, serenity and happiness until they are disturbed by the government wanting to expand the neighbouring Melbourne Airport.
3 Highview Crescent is the humble abode of the Kerrigan family is built on a toxic landfill, beneath power lines and only a short walk to the Airport runway. Despite all this, Darryl, the husband and father of the Kerrigans believes that his house is his home which is his castle. When the government decided to attempt the compulsory acquisition of their home Darryl declines and speaks to the judge “ Its not about the money”. I believe that Darryl is speaking nothing but the truth in this instance.
The Kerrigans are not a fancy family that live on a fancy street, their house is their home, they have a life there which brings a vibe of love and care for each other. Darryl never wants to leave him castle, he has everything their he could ever want. Whenever they wanted to travel overseas they could walk to the airport, that’s one of the reasons they moved there. The oldest brother Wayne is in jail for 6 years for theft, Darryl didn't want Wayne to get out of jail and not be able to see all the wonderful changes Darryl has made to the house, all his new contraptions and gadgets from the Trading post. For dinner at night, they would be amazed by the wife's wonderful chicken with seasoning sprinkled on top.
If the Kerrigan family did happen to agree with the compensation, their house evaluation wouldn't be enough to buy a new home like theirs at the moment. It said that the money for their house would probably be enough to by a two bedroom apartment. That means not only wouldn't their not be enough room for the whole family, but no grey hounds, no boat, no pool room, no real Kerrigan family lifestyle.
Darryl explained that 3 Highview Crescent was their home, not just a house which they live in, but a home. A home is where they shared all their memories, have a big backyard and a well...