The Castle

Individuals who live in the local village tend to not have the same beliefs and values than the Global village therefore there is conflict. The film 'The Castle' directed by Rob Sitch has highlighted through the film that there is conflict between the individuals between the Global and Local Village. Sitch   explores the idea that the individuals from the local village do not speak the language of the global therefore they do not belong with the Global Village, and also people are trying to belong to the Global village.

'The Castle' is a film that is about the Kerrigans trying to fight the legal system in order to keep their house. Individuals from the local village do not speak the global village language or dress the way the global village people dress. The contrast between the judge and Darryl's customer is different. The judge is wear formal wear such as a suit while Darryl is wearing a flannel with a tie and a leather jacket. This demonstrates that Darryl being part of the local village he does not understand the ways of the global village. Another example is that the judge is speaking more formally such as honorifics and imperatives such as 'Mr Kerrigan what is your case in law?' whilst Darryl is using local village language and attempts to speak legalise 'I'll rest my case'. This further emphasises the conflict between the global and local village as they both speak and dress differently.

Sitch also highlights the individuals are trying to belong in the global village, but do not have the understanding of the global village. This idea is demonstrated through the contrast between Dennis Dennuto's office and the lawyers of the Barlow Group. The repetitive of the expletives used by Dennuto suggest that he may be qualified as a lawyer but does not share the same values and beliefs of the global village as he still belongs to the local village. The way Denuto was positioned with his back turned from the audience suggest that he is an outcast and isolated...