The Advent of Dna

In this paper, the advantages and disadvantages of DNA analysis will be compared.
DNA profiling technology is a way of eliminating potential suspects from a criminal enquiry. The DNA had lead to the arrest and conviction of serial rapist in New Zealand, is an excellent example of the use of DNA as an exclusionary tool. It had linked this person to eight rape cases between 30 December 1988 and 23 March 1996. In Virginia, where ten men were committed of murder or rape were set free due to the fact of the DNA in their case found them not guilty.
The primary concern is privacy. DNA can provide insights into many aspects of people including susceptibility to particular diseases, and perhaps predispositions to certain behaviors and sexual orientation. This information increases the potential for discrimination by government, insurers, employers, and others. If person’s DNA is in databases, they might be identified as a match even if that person had been at a crime scene earlier, but did nothing, or had a similar DNA profile to the actual criminal. The most secure database has a big chance of being compromised.
The price of the DNA testing depends on whether is State, Private or other Private laboratories. The cost of rape kit ill cost anywhere from $749 - $1720, depending on which of the labs are used. Some labs will also charger for court costs, in case they need to show up for court and also charge travel expenses and storage of the DNA sample. The time it takes to do a DNA sample is from 2 weeks to almost 3 ½ months, that all depends on if it’s a rush job or not.