Dna Genetics

DNA is genetic information that was past down to you from your parent’s. This genetic information is a molecule shaped in a double helix strand and looks like a twisted ladder. This molecule is your blueprint for your life it determines your eye, hair, and skin color you have, also DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic. The molecule is made of phosphate and sugar which are the chemicals used to build the back bone of the DNA and to finish it off there are four bases called Cytosine, Guanine, Adenine, and Thymine, but there’s a rule that only Cytosine and Guanine can bond and only Adenine and Thymine can bond because they must have equal distance and also equal hydrogen bonds.
TO replicate DNA first the DNA must unfold and needs help from the Hilicase to unfold the DNA in two single strands, after this the nucleotides get separated. ALL after this the polymerase is very important it is the one to find the bases of the DNA while it goes threw the leading strand first because it goes in the same direction as the bases and the lagging strand is going in the opposite direction and it is also called Replication Fork. By the ladding and lagging strands going opposite directions the replication of the DNA can sometimes cause errors like bonding Adenine with Cytosine or Thymine with Guanine but if that error happens the enzymes called proof readers enzymes fix the errors done during replication. After all this a new strand is paired or bond together with an original strand and its called semi consecutive.