Tex the Movie Changes

Changes by Joyce Buena
“Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine.   ~Robert C. Gallagher”   For me, changes will happen, whether you like it or not. On my essay I will talk about the changes of the main character of the movie “Tex” directed by Tom Hunt. I will also talk about how Tex’ friends and/ or other characters of the movie changes from the beginning to the end of the movie. My last point will be my own experiences of changes. Changes will happen, whether you like it or not.
There are many things that changes in Tex life. Like Tex having a job. At first when he still don’t have responsibilities. He just enjoyed life as a game. But life changes when he got a job. He learned to take responsibilities. He is known as not taking thing seriously but he took this job seriously. Another change in his life is when his brother planned to go college. At first he didn’t accept the fact that his brother will be leaving him because they been together since they were young and now they will be separated because Mason—his brother—will be going college and it was far from their hometown. It’s a big change for his brother but he seems not to think about it. All he wanted is him and his brother to be together for the rest of their life. But at the end he realized that his brother cared for him and he only do it for him. His concepts in life changed. He even made the way to make his brother go to college. And the last changes that happen to Tex’ life is when he found out that Bill—the man whom he thought was his father—is not his true father. In the beginning he didn’t really accepted the fact. All he wants to do is run away. He hated the world. But at the end, he all realized what is going on. He also knew that it’s not his mother’s fault. He accepted everything that deals in his life. That’s the changes in Tex life, on the next paragraph I will talk about Tex friends and/ or other character’s changes.
Tex friends had lot of changes too. Let’s start with his...