September 30, 2011
English 12

The Manipulation of Capote
In the movie, Capote, based on the famous writer, Truman Capote, there are numerous ways in which he manipulates others. For example, he tricks the killers; Perry Smith and Richard Hickok, into believing that he was there to help them, except, his only intentions were to finish his book. Capote was a very selfish man. In the movie, the scene where Nell is being honored for her work, To Kill a Mockingbird, Capote clearly shows that he is not interested in anybody but himself; yet Nell has been there for Capote through just about everything; the little Capote could have done was show Nell some kind of support. When Nell approaches Capote in this scene, all Capote can talk about is his book and how he was being tortured because, as the years passed, he still hadn’t finished it. He manipulates his own friends.
In another scene, Capote is discussing with Jack (Capote’s Partner), that he is searching to find Dick and Perry a good lawyer, and Jack says, “You mean you’re searching to find YOU a good lawyer.” Meaning that, Capote only wanted a good lawyer for the two men because he needed an extension on time to interview them and get the information he needed for his book. While interviewing Perry, Capote finds himself getting attached to this man because they are so similar in many ways. Capote never thought that he would get attached to Perry like he did even though he was manipulating Perry the whole time, Capote’s feeling were real.
All throughout this movie, Perry would ask Capote, “How’s the book looking”? And Capote would respond with, “Oh, I’ve barely even started it yet.” This is a prime example of Capote’s manipulation because, Capote knew that his book was coming along well, yet he tells Perry he hasn’t even started it. Perry later on catches Capote in a lie when Perry receives a newspaper and sees the title of his book, In Cold Blood. Capotes tells Perry that he had no idea what...