Fast 5 Review

MY Review of “Fast5”
            For as long as I can remember, If been infatuated by cars. Growing up in a motorsports family, and either me always racing, or my dad, the influence has never left. When I saw the first “Fast And Furious”, some nearly 10 years ago, even at a young age of six or seven, I could pick apart how corny and unrealistic a lot of the movie was. As time went on it only got worse. “2Fast 2Furious” was probably the worst. The movie starts with the huge bridge jump, and from then on, my attitude towards the movie changed to being more judgmental towards everything. Then the movie ends with another Dukes-of-Hazard-style jump on to a moving yacht. Like seriously? I did however like “Tokyo Drift”. The premise was kind of dumb, but I drift myself so it obviously appealed to me, and the production crew also hired a handful of very talented drivers for some pretty cool sequences. The next one I wasn’t very fond of, and it left a bad taste in my mouth, which was how I was still feeling when I started watching Fast5.
            I had a bad attitude starting at this one, but I soon forgot to critique every aspect of this movie and was really just watching it. Yes, there were corny parts, and yes, the plot was sort of far-fetched, but the sooner I let these issues go, the sooner I  began to enjoy the movie. 
            Fast5 made up for the impossible stunt sequences with a lot of action and other cool driving sequences. The cgi was pretty good, and even though a majority of the car stunts were fake, they weren’t so over-the-top that they couldn’t be real.
            The cast was filled with a handful of huge stars, and there’s no reason why the movie shouldn’t have been good. Overall, I would say that this movie saved the series, and gained my respect back. I’d recommend any skeptic like myself to rent it and see it for themselves, It actually is a pretty good film. I would give it a solid 7/10 stars.