Coach Carter

Coach Carter is set in Richmond, California in the USA. It focuses on an inner-city public school called Richmond High, which is in a very low-like status and has a reputation for not having many students go off to college. It is set on the actual story in 1999 where Coach Carter benches his undefeated team due to academic results, as seen in the movie. In this movie, many problems are encountered throughout the whole journey of the students. In Coach Carter, the teacher (Coach Carter) faces problems including mainly:
The boys in which he has to coach, as they are uncontrollable and disrespectful to everyone, including their coach and each other. The boys all have different personalities, and with each personality arises a new challenge for Coach Carter. For example, a player on the team called Timo Cruz walks out on the team, which in the end results in the team losing one of their best players as well as one of their main players of the team. Not only was Cruz the one to walk out, but two others also chose to walk out; them being the top 2 point scorers in the previous season. Coach Carter is then forced to get the team new top point scorers. As well as this, the boys do not keep up to the contract in which they have signed which asks them to maintain a 2.3 grade point average, and Coach Carter has to overcome this problem as well as the problem of them taunting other teams when they start winning their games.
- His own son which he has placed at St. Francis, who would rather go to Richmond High so he can play for his father (Coach Carter). This places a hard decision on Coach Carter and has a big affect on both him and his family. It creates arguments and some tension between father and son.
Coach Carter being the main teacher in the film has a character that is strict and formal, with some of his actions proving to have both good and bad results. He is strict on the training that he gives the players, and has a passion for the game, as he once himself was a...