My Lesson Plan

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Sample Lesson Plan Format

Learning Objective: Students will be able to understand and use the past tense. Students will also be able to use the past tense to tell about states that happened in the past, and form questions using the past tense.

Level: Basic

Ages: Teens or Adults

Stage | Teacher´s Objective | Procedure – Teacher(How you would teach) | Procedure - Students(What would students be doing) | T/S Ratio |
Warm up/Review15 minutes |   To check the strength and   Previous knowledge of learners, |
Students first will be asked simple questions related to actions that happened in the past by using certain adverbs. (E.g. yesterday, last night. Last week, etc) | Questions to warm up the class. (1) What did you do after school yesterday? (2) Did you play football last week? (3) How was the weather yesterday? (4) Did you enjoy your weekend?(I would write the verbs on the board, the form of the verbs will be marked, so that students will notice that (-ed) is the marker of the past tense).To make more enjoyable I would Spread the flashcards (regular verb) out, face up, on the floor or a table and get everyone to gather round. Then get each student to pick a flashcard of something they did yesterday.Ask the other students what A or B student did yesterday….As teacher will explain that the past tense is used to tell about states completed at a certain point of time in the past, also will point out that (-ed) is the marker for the past tense.  | Expected replies: (1) I studied math(2) Yes, I played football last week, (3) It was rainy.(4) Yes I enjoyed my weekend) ETC. Every student select a flashcard and stick it to the board by saying, "Yesterday, I.. "Answers Will become according to Cards | 20/80 |
Introduction5 minutes |   To introduce topic of today‟s class. (Tell students the learning objective for that session) |
|   Draw students‟ attention to the objective on the boards and read:Students will be able to understand and use...