In this digital age, we live in a world full of technological wonders where we are now able to enjoy a high level of living that our ancestors never dreamed of. Such breakthrough in advancing technology is all largely the result of researches and Man’s thirst for knowledge and the endeavor to move forward. While it is wonderful that technology is so innovative that it can make even the most dreaded, daunting tasks easy, it is sad in a way to realize technology could potentially have a serious impact on people, especially teens and young adults. Technology tends to influence man to indulge in unhealthy habits.

Life seems so much better without hassle. Such lifestyle is easily achieved with the advancing technology. However, life without hassle could actually have a vice versa impact. For example, many people use credit cards on a daily basis simply because it's easy and quick to own the product that you favour. People seem to rely on credit cards mainly whether they are lazy to withdraw money from ATM machine or they have insufficient fund. Still, credit cards have their own flaws. Dependency on using credit cards tends to cause mankind to neglect their planning of expenditure. Many will only realize their expenses at month end when the credit card holder received their bill statement. Consequently, they will end up in severe debt. For instance, USA’s nations rely too much on credit card and they are now in dire straits due to financial crisis. In other words, technology is akin to credit cards in the way that it certainly makes life easier but it isn't good on the wallet, the mind or the body.

Besides, technology is unhealthy because it encourages us to spend more time sitting starry-eyed in front of a television or computer. These days, it is undeniable that every household has at least a television and a personal computer. For that reason, most of them spend an exorbitant amount of time glued to a computer screen with numerous distractions like Facebook and...