Should We Be Afraid of Modern Technology

Guidelines for Good Design

      This paper is devoted to considering such question in design practice as guidelines, which designers are supposed to follow in order to develop a good design. In general, in the process of development of some technology or a products designer is supposed to make sure that the most of the targeted audience will be able to use this product or technology. The philosophy behind this design is entitled inclusive or universal. This means that, as many people will use the new product as possible. (Nicolle, et al, 2001, p 3)
      Design guidelines are certain sets of rules, which direct designers and develop a range of activities expected to be used in order to develop the product or technology. But as it is known, design is used in a great variety of areas: beginning with product design, to web design, to building design, to research design and living spaces design. Guidelines differ from standards. Guidelines only show the directions in which designers are supposed to work. But standards are requirements which must be followed otherwise this will be a breach. The question may arise whether all designers in these areas have common guidelines or whether each industry and field has to follow its own design patterns and guidelines. It is understandable that guidelines for web design will not be applied in the field of product design. Thus, each professional has to know a certain set of rules, which are applicable only for his industry. These guidelines can be studied at university when a professional obtains the basics of profession. But in the process of working each designer is supposed to study further getting to know when there are some new guidelines developed for his field.
      The proper search of specialized literature and resources will help to find out about guidelines in each field mentioned above. This is necessary because each process whether it is goods design or architectural design has to conform to predefined rules in...