Technology, Custom, and Ehtics

88 Technologies not only influence but actually determine social customs and ethic.

In the development of human civilization, the technology always plays a vital role in boosting the advance of our society. It cast a foreseeing light into the future where we are leading for, drags human beings out of the abyss of ignorance and superstitions, and help human beings eliminate poverty and diseases. Apart from these tremendous contributions technology makes to our life, it also unconsciously influences and even changes and determines our social customs and ethics. The technology, along with the progress of our civilization, changes our previous conventions, extend our religious tolerance, and probe further into new regimes of moral ethics.

Confessedly, our customs, with the development of society, changes and evolves mostly because of the technology impetus. In ancient time, human beings, without any power except themselves to fight against the relentless nature, always have some gods and deity to admire. They also constituted a series of deliberate and time-consuming ceremonies to express their loyalty to the gods so that they can shelter in the protection of gods. This kind of ritual also partly resulted from the life pattern of the day, which allowed people have a lot of free time. However, in modern society, the custom of the ceremony is hardly seen. The technology, after its fledged development, has enable people to lead a different life which also implies the previous customs are not practical any more. In the first place, the development of technology have gave human more advanced tools to fight against the diseases and natural disasters, which make the protection of deity of less importance. Secondly, People, all around the world, are packed with numerable things, so that even if they have the piety, they don’t have enough time for the ceremonies. In this way, technology not only changes our life pattern but also substitutes our customs.

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