RFID Floor & Gate Reader
TopTroniQ model 2100-RF
registers arrival and departure of postal mailbag containers

Automatic registration of mailbag container movements: high tech at low cost! This system offers a wonderful and low cost solution to know where postal containers are. It registers date and time of container movements through a passing point. Fully automatically! The passing point can be the entrance gate and the departure gate of a sorting center. Simply place it at the side of the gate or integrate it in the floor. Also it could very well be built inside the postal trucks. The more registrations, the more securely the goods can be tracked. Long-Range This system can read the transponder that is placed under the container or on its sides on a distance of maximal 100 ~115 centimeters. The reading angle is 220 degrees. The transponder is a special design transponder to allow this long reading range. Of course environmental disturbances can influence the reading range, but under all conditions it will be enough for solid reading of each movement! TopTroniQ's Transponders can even be read when placed on Metal! This is very special: usually a passive transponder cannot be read when it is attached to a metal background. We have solved this problem! That means that there is no objection to use metal containers! Specifications: * The power requirement for the reader is only 12 Volts DC, 1 Amp. * The transponder is a 125 KHz Long Range Transponder. EM-4102 Read-Only 64-bits Manchester encoded. * The system communicates to a PC by a standard serial RS232 interface. * The system includes advanced features like Auto-Tuning after each power-up and every 10 minutes. * Digital Signal Processing capabilities to increase the read-range and to reduce unwanted vibration and interference. Also the operation of several readers relatively close to each other is more under control as a result of this design. * Water resistant enclosure. * Output: RS232 ASCII, Weigand 26/34...