Technology: Is It Worth It?

Technology:Is It Worth It?
In today’s world, people are becoming more dependent on computers and the Internet. Technology has become an integral part of our lives. But, is all this technology a necessity or not? In my opinion, computers and the Internet are both a necessity in today’s world and something that we can do without. From my own personal experience with computers and the Internet, I find myself frustrated with its technicalities, but without it I would be at a complete loss for many daily activities. One of my fondest memories iswatching my grandfather try so hard to figure out how to work his new computer. He was so sure he was ready to conquer this beast, yet the many beeps, pop-up windows, and the several required items that needed to be installed wore him out. A quote that I have lived by for many years is, “To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer” (ODHQ 65). With the use of my computer and the internet, I am able to go to school online, maintain my finances, and operate most of my volunteer duties. I also find myself completely frazzled and unable to operate this technology every day.
Computers and the Internet have taken education to a whole new level. Today, if we are unable to attend school due to medical and/or schedule issues, we can continue oureducation through online learning. I am currently taking an online class because my schedule does not allow enough time away from home. We are able to find large number of resources from all over the world, right at our finger tips, on the Internet. We are no longer restricted by library hours and inventory limitations to complete our research. The computer and the Internet have made education a possibility for many, who were unable before.
All the possibilities of education through technology come at a great risk. Having the capability to find so much information, in just a few clicks, leaves people lazy and ignorant. I believe that many people are now unable to locate a...