Because We’Re Worth It

Women of all ages want to be beautiful and feel that they are worth it. American women have this need to fit in with society because this is what is taught at an early age. Women will buy lotions to lather themselves with because it is not only used for dry skin but makes them feel good and sexy. Women buy makeup to feel beautiful, buy dye to change their hair color and cover up the gray. Most women are afraid of looking older and not being beautiful. There are so many commercials that are specifically for the women buyer. One in particular is L’Oreal Paris. L’Oreal Paris targets the viewer with gorgeous women, some being famous, some are women that can be related to, but both ways they will have the viewer watching and wanting to be just like these gorgeous women, L’Oreal has just grabbed the attention of women all over this country.
While watching “Desperate Housewives,” the L’Oreal Paris commercial came on. Desperate Housewives is on ABC and comes on at 9oclock at night. It is a popular show that targets women. The show is about gorgeous women, women want to be beautiful like them, and have their kind of “desperate housewives” lifestyles. It makes sense to air the commercial during this show. L’Oreal Paris wants the women viewers to see this ad, so the commercial is going to play when millions are watching. L’Oreal

Paris first aired this commercial during the Golden Globes when so many millions of people were watching, smart move for L’Oreal Paris.
L’Oreal Paris uses spokesmodels of all ages to capture every women’s attention; Gwen Stefani is L’Oreal Paris’ newest spokesmodel. The commercial is selling L’Oreal Paris 10hr. Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick. The viewer will see bold, bright colors, reds and whites, and hear “Hollaback Girl,” in the background, one of Gwen Stefani’s songs. She appears wearing a bold red lipstick from L’Oreal’s line of Infallible Le Rouge Lip Color. Gwen Stefani is the perfect spokewoman for this commercial. Gwen is...