Technology Implementation Paper

Technology Implementation Paper
New Technology Systems:
Introduction and Implementation
A new technology is like a new machine. And of course, as all new machines are,
one must read the manual of instructions before employing the technology. This is for the
technology’s efficiency and high level of productivity in the field or fields it is to be
employed upon. New technologies are instruments created to make work a lot easier for
man. They make fast and quality services. They enable a healthy competition that makes
the market and wider for the further benefits of consumers. And of course, consumers
would always want the best for their money’s worth. So if one would like to stay long,
survive, grow and compete in the market, then he and his company should adapt new
technologies and measures in order to deliver what the clients want. All companies,
whether in the fields of business, government or non-government services, are adapting
newer technology to meet the demand of the mass public. Without these new
technologies, companies will be outmoded and less adhered to, considering that the
generation of today are well oriented to technology. But these companies should not
simply invest on all new technologies. A company must be prudent and wise in all its
investments. As quoted by Cyrus Mewawalla, a telecom analyst for Wetshall Capital in
London, “Technology companies live and die from investing in the right product cycles.”
(qtd. in Newsweek, 2006, p. 28). This means that as new technologies are being
developed, companies who invest on new technologies at the right place and at the right
time are most likely to displace other companies that are falling behind the technology
race. An example to this is mobile phone being displaced by the Internet phone. The
Internet phone is much cheaper, faster and more accessible to most people particularly in
Europe, than the mobile phone. As can be observed in the specific case of Vodafone, a
mobile phone...