Technology & Implementation

Technology Implementation

This paper will describe in detail and give recommendations on how an organization should go about introducing a new technology. A technology plan will help to make the transition of change smoother for the workers who will be utilizing it. This paper will also describe the technology plan, which is a perfect tool for this kind of change within an organization.
Change within an organization, whether it may be a new copier, new fax machine or a new computer program, will cause stress within the ranks. Change may affect employee morale   and emotion and managers will, undoubtedly, be left with an unmotivated department and they will waste much time and effort trying to fix the situation. Change may be good if planned out well but may cost more than expected because of these issues.
Users who want to reach out, to make people feel informed and involved, who are
committed to quality and timeliness, and who are ready to try something even at the
risk of making a mistake are the people who flourish using technology. People who
hate change, do not like sharing information freely and continually, and do not like
involving others in their work are those that struggle with technology. (Cravens, 2009,
para. 3)
Strategy should be involved when introducing new technology into an organization. If a strategy for implementing a new plan is not well thought out, the time, effort and cost of purchasing this new technology would be a waste of time. Strategies to motivate the workers are important along with education and continual support. Technology needs should be established   and strategies for implementing those needs should be considered. A technology plan should include a project plan, an implementation plan, a training plan and finally, support strategies.
If an organization, for example, decides that, in order for a particular department to move forward and to eliminate unnecessary tasks to create a more...