Technology and Education

Technology has made a major impact on how one gains an education. With the advent of the internet came an all but unlimited source of knowledge and research capabilities. With the capability directly to connect to the internet or an intranet to a classroom, or learning facility from home, the number of individuals actively seeking to further their education has dramatically increased, and continues to grow.
One of the main reasons for this growth in use of the internet to learn is due to the fact that instead of having to attend an actual class on campus, the student can do his or her work at his or her convenience. This is an advantage to someone who has a job who’s hours would conflict with normal class scheduling. For those would-be students who do not have transportation or cannot travel to a campus due to distance, the classroom can be brought to them.
Never in the history of learning has it been easier to gain an education. This is important because in the recent past America has fallen in rank when it comes to education. Bethel [2003] stated, “By the late 1990’s, however, the United States had fallen to about average among the advanced industrial democracies, ranking behind Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Ireland, and other countries.”(para.16). Because students are able to learn at their own pace, online learning is more of a self-teaching style of learning, as opposed to the traditional teacher, and student method. With online learning, the teacher becomes more like a guide sitting on the sidelines giving generalized support instead of dictating most of the work. This approach gives the achievement rate of the students a chance to more then double.
To be sure, not everything that comes with using the internet to learn is all error free. Take researching facts for an example. Most academic classes will require some amount of researching, whether it is to study historical facts or to write a 900 word essay on a specific topic. With so much information...