Importance of Technology in Education

Review of “The Importance of Technology in Education”
Chris Pirillo wrote an article on his website,, titled “The Importance of Technology in Education”. In this article Pirillo explains why technology is so important in our lives and how it can help us grow as individuals. He writes that technology we will experience technology very early in our lifetimes. He goes on to explain the benefits of technology used to further your education and also writes about how technology can drastically improve your profession as well as your lifestyle.
Pirillo begins by stating how technology can play a very important and helpful role in a student’s life when attending college or looking for a college to attend. He explains that a student can have better access to professors online that they normally would not have access to in a local setting. He goes on telling about how having online teachers can be very advantageous to both the student and the teacher.
Pirillo finishes off his article by stating that face-to-face interactions are important for students, however if you are not connected to the   internet you are not learning as effectively as you could be. In his closing sentences he also states that in order to move up in the workplace you will need to know how to navigate technology and that it can lead to a better salary and lifestyle.
In conclusion I will say that I would agree with Pirillo that technology is important in education however this is just an opinion stated by Pirillo. I will say that I find him incredibly credible but he states no facts, just opinions. I also would agree with some of his advantages because I am experiencing some of these myself however he does not go on to state any of the disadvantages of technology in education. I would say this is a good article despite the lack of facts.

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