Effect of Computer on Education

The introduction of computers to the education field has improved the quality of learning .Nobody could deny that it makes the lessons more interesting ,while it is also more efficient for students to study on-line .Furthermore ,it is general acquainted that using computer   can help students learn more knowledge which they may not able to learn from the lesson or books.therefore due to computer technology ,education has three major advantages E-leaning,Intrenet and storage.
One important effect of computer technology on education ,studying by E-learning ,has essentially played a significant role in the school curriculum.As a result ,students can continue to do their school work when they are ill or isolated .For personally myself ,I just had such an experience when I was isolated due to the H1N1 virus.However ,unable to attend classes ,I regularly   accessed the ASKNLEARN site   to get the updated information from my teachers about that day’s lesson.In this way ,I caught up with my studies and even did well in the test   the first day   I came back to school.Moreover in formed about the following day’s lessons, students can also aware of what will learn tomorrow on E-learning .That is good for their studies ,for the can have a preview of what would learn.Beyong the schoolwork from   the respective teachers ,E-learning also provides with an amazing chance that you can learn from professors in specialized fields,regardless   of their area of expertise.
The development of computers make it possible to pupils to have easy access to additional   source   of information via the Internet. Consequently ,students do not have to be contented with the limited knowledge taught   by teachers ,but rather can search out whatever relevant information they want and learn as much as they can .Today ,for any information needed ,a user can “google “ it ,in moment s,the search engine will list   the results of the research.   All this data is so cheap that user never have to pay a single...