Computers and Education

Technology and Education
The education of an individual is very important. In the beginning a classroom was the only place for students to learn and study. In this day and age computers are used for almost everything. In high schools computers are used to take role, submit reports and even for tests.   In college computers are used for everything. School work is submitted online and there are even classes that can be taken online. Though technology is used for almost everything in schools now, a good education cannot be achieved without some type of interaction. Technology is useful   for studying and reviewing but a good education requires a teacher and a classroom environment.
A traditional classroom is the perfect place for a student to get a good education, but not all can learn in just a classroom setting. Though a classroom is a safe and comforting place to get a good education, some people just cannot focus in a class full of their peers. There are distractions all around the room and focusing can sometimes be harder for some. This is where the use of technology comes in, students sometimes need extra assistance and using a computer to create study guides or activities can motivate a student to want to review the course work that was given to them that day. Many students feel the desire to study everyday and further their education.   Using a computer to study or to practice daily activities greatly increases the student’s desire to learn in class as well as at home. According to Computers and Education in America,   “They [students] will voluntarily spend hours earning on the Web instead of being bored to death by endless books and stodgy teachers.” Using computers could also lead to many distractions, such as the Internet and games. Though, these distractions can be monitored unlike some of the distractions in the classroom. Many classes these days are online, these are called cyber classes.  
Of course just cyber classes wont have the same effect as a...