AN 310 Cultural Anthropology Rev. 1
May 10, 2010
How communication technologies have changed our lives. Technology has come a long way from 1876 to 2010; Molitor has a theory that communication has change whether is at work or at home. Communication is being done by handwritten words, radio, newspaper, television and computer. Molitor view can be seen that there have been so many changes, that everything is done by technology. If he or she is writing an email, phone call, or texting; the old fashion of communication has changes. Not many people are talking face to face anymore; many people now have computer at their home which makes things easier. In Luecks article, he was able to discuss in more detail on why? Technology has been became such a huge part in people life. Both author had very good point when it came to the family and technology, is agreeable that there are many people who lives by technology.
Whether if they have a computer, cell phone, pager, and technology is a big detail in their lives; which will end up taking every part of their life? Is not far for the family of the individuals to live that way, however, that has become a part of their life. Many of the people, who work, take the work with them, so whether if they are with family; work come first then family. Work is always going to be on their mind, so having access to a computer makes it easier. Why? Because they are able to check emails, communicate with other people, or do anything that they have to do.
There are many people who would say that they are able to handle management. Why? Because they were are to manage two children and spouse. Which there are many people who would get a calendar and use it as family and worker affairs? Keeping track of any appointments with the family or their work; many people have learn to incorporate both atmosphere into one.
However there are many families out there that have use technology for their family. Whether use for is: recording baseball...