Team Work

In working in teams, there are several things to consider.   All people have different personalities and different learning styles, and can often benefit greatly from working in teams, or have severe difficulties with them.   Some of these personality types include the Thinker type, the Giver type, and the Organizer type. All of these personalities have some things in common, but can also have very drastic differences.   Learning types can vary between Verbal/Linguistic to Interpersonal to Visual/Spatial. All of these learning, like the different personalities, can have great benefits working together or large differences.   These different types can often all work effectively with just a couple different strategies.
There are many ways to go about working together with different types of people, but the first thing to start with is finding out and understanding the personality type you will be working with in your team.   There are four different personality types, and all of them are different. Though they may share some traits, they often have other traits that will set them completely apart. The first is the Thinker type. This personality would probably work best in a science or math team. The Thinker is a technical and logical person. They will often analyze the situation and break it down to solve the task. The Organizer is the more practical and dependable person. They are there to make sure that things are done effectively and in order. This person will be able to keep a team in order and will most likely take control. The next personality is the Giver. The Giver is the emotional one of the group. They will trust easily and be able to adapt to the surroundings and people of the group. They will be very sociable and honest in the group. Last but not least is the Adventurer. The Adventurer is very fast paced, impulsive, and competitive.

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They might present the biggest problem working in a group. They do most things on impulse and will...