Team Work Plan

Team Work Plan
AMBA 640 Managing Projects, Operations, and Information Systems
By: _____________(Team Name)
Danielle Nunez  
Teresa Hines
Jeffery Hasbrouck  
Jackie Fung  
Joe Chung


This Work Plan serves as a guide for our team project. The chart provides detailed information about the tasks, the leader for the proposed tasks, the due date and the date the task was completed and submitted to the team.
Team Task Assignments & Timeline for Delivery

A. WEEK 2&3 TEAM ASSIGNMENT: Preparing a Team Work Plan, Project Charter and Project Management Plan for Acme Mexico City
Select Coordinators Everyone    
Review and discuss assignment requirements Everyone
Team meeting dates Everyone
Record minutes from team meeting
Prepare team work plan  
A. Team coordinator Everyone
B. Team contact information Everyone
C. Mission statement
D. Vision Statement
E. Shared Values
F. Desirable Team Behaviors
G. Individual Strengths and Weaknesses Everyone
H. Team Conflict Plan
I. Statement of Team Decision
Revisions and comments to work plan Everyone
Coordinator submit work plan to Study Group Conference    
Prepare project charter    
Revisions and comments to charter project Everyone
Coordinator submit project charter to Study Group Conference    
Prepare management plan
1. Create executive summary
2. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
3. Prepare establishment of all required dependencies
4. Develop estimated requirements for money, materials, and people
5. Create a Gantt chart for project display    
6. Prepare discussion of the utility of a project dashboard
7. Prepare discussion of how knowledge gained from prior Acme store construction projects could be applied to this project
Revisions and comments to management plan Everyone
Coordinator submit management plan to Study Group Conference...